Among the world’s worst contaminants is mold. It is dangerous not only because it can cause illnesses but because of the fact that it can steadily grow in silence. In as fast as 48 hours, you will have mold growth indoors. If left unattended, mold can cause serious damage to your home and everything in it, including your family! Cleaning World is an expert at mold mitigation and removal. We can protect your family against mold and eliminate the risks of long-term damage.

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Choosing an expert is very important to properly address your mold mitigation and removal needs in New Jersey. Cleaning World, a member of Ethical Services, Power Washers of North America (PWNA), IWCA, and BSCAI, assures you of a seamless process when completing this type of job. We know how much you value your home, and that is why we offer services that will ease the burdens and inconveniences caused by mold.

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Why You Need Mold Mitigation & Removal

A mold problem cannot be cleaned using simple methods. In fact, you may even cause more damage if you are to clean and try to remove it using the wrong tools or cleaning solutions. When it comes to mold mitigation and removal, only the professionals should do it.

There are specific techniques used during the mold mitigation and removal process. It starts with mold detection to identify where the mold problem is and to what extent the growth has become. After removal, the house will be subjected to a deep cleaning procedure and a disinfecting process to completely remove any traces of mold. Only those who are properly trained should perform these tasks.

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What Cleaning World Does for Mold Mitigation & Removal

The cleaning technicians at Cleaning World know each of the process involved in mold mitigation and removal. Identifying where the mold grows is crucial. Our qualified team makes sure to eliminate them from their roots. Cleaning World offers a variety of services to ensure complete mold removal and restoration of your home into a healthier state:

  • Assessment and identification of mold growth
  • Wall cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Dehumidification
  • Deodorizing
  • …and many more!
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Understanding Mold Mitigation & Removal

There are many types of mold that grow both indoors and outdoors. They thrive in moist environments which makes flooded homes prone to its growth. Unless in plain sight, mold growth can be undetected as it can happen under the flooring, beneath furnishings, and at the back of the walls. An intensive mold mitigation and removal company uses advanced equipment to detect and completely eradicate mold growth. To effectively remove mold, one also needs to use specialized vacuums to capture the finest mold particles. As mold can also spread through the air, there is a need to also take action in areas that may be affected.

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