Carpets are an integral part of many modern office settings. However, this area is often overlooked. If you want to achieve a pleasant and healthy work environment, you need to clean and maintain the carpets in your commercial building. Carpet cleaning isn't complete when you only sweep and vacuum. It requires a proper sanitizing process. That's where Cleaning World comes in. We are professional cleaning experts that can retain the professional and pristine of your work environment. We are pleased to announce that we offer truck mount hot water carpet cleaning services.

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Cleaning World is a member of Power Washers of North America (PWNA). We have achieved a proven track record of providing quality commercial cleaning services. Additionally, our cleaning experts received extensive training in using the latest truck mount hot water carpet cleaners and are well-versed in the most advanced cleaning and maintenance methodologies.

When you hire us, we can develop a tailored cleaning program that addresses every cleaning need you have in mind. We understand that the needs of a business can change overnight. That's why we can respond to special requests and emergencies without issues.

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Why You Need Truck Mount Hot Water Carpet Cleaning Services

Truck mount hot water carpet cleaning services effectively eliminate trapped-in soil, allergens, and dust mites. Additionally, they reduce the spread of mold, diseases, bacteria, and germs. This leads to you achieving a healthier work environment with improved airflow. That's not all. Other benefits include removing stubborn spots and stains, reducing the effects of wear and tear in high-traffic areas, and more. Apart from extending the overall service lifespan of your carpets up to several years, your carpets can also continue looking brand new. If something benefits us, it will benefit you too. For example, truck mount carpet cleaning systems significantly reduce the time our operators have to spend on the job. That's why your carpets can be cleaned very quickly. What's more, the machines offer enhanced portability. This allows us to clean hard-to-reach carpeted areas in great array of commercial establishments.

Cleaning Services

What Cleaning World Does for Truck Mount Hot Water Carpet Cleaning

Here is a quick look at how Cleaning World approaches carpet cleaning with our truck mount hot water carpet cleaning systems:

  • We inspect your carpets to identify problem areas
  • We pre-vacuum your carpets to remove fine soil (prevents these particles from sticking to your carpets during the extraction process)
  • We move your office furniture and electronics to a safe spot
  • We pre-spray your carpets with an eco-friendly cleaning agent to break down oils and loosen soils
  • We facilitate a spot removal procedure
  • We utilize a power scrubber to break down stubborn spots even further
  • We use our powerful truck mount cleaning units for the rinsing process (removes dirt and cleaning agents from your carpets)
  • We add the final touches by deodorizing your carpets and grooming them

Understanding Truck Mount Hot Water Carpet Cleaning

Truck mount hot water carpet cleaners refer to powerful carpet and upholstery cleaning systems that are mounted on the floor of a trailer or van. These systems utilize hot steam or hot water to clean dirty and soiled carpets in commercial buildings. In most cases, these systems include a self-contained machine that is driven off its own engine. Next, these systems are used because they provide significantly more cleaning power than traditional carpet cleaning machines.

A truck mount hot water carpet cleaning system is capable of cleaning virtually all types of carpets efficiently. The unbeatable combination of enhanced cleaning power and heated water allows us to effortlessly tackle the toughest of accumulated muck, deposits, dirt, and grime from the deepest layers of carpets.

Cleaning Services

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